The Secure System of Biometric Data -  

a trustworthy means of identification 

The Proof is in The Print


Fingerprint scans attached to medical data of patients ensure safety to those patients. They do not invite problems or dangers to them. Linking a patient to their own data record by virtue of only one finger print has less than a 1 in 64 million chance of connecting with the wrong patient. Scanning multiple finger tips together as one image reduces that chance to absolute zero. 

Conversely, tying a patient's identity to personal data which requires manual input invites error; one wrong stroke on a keyboard changes a birth date or social security number thereby endangering the patient and burning time and money finding and managing corrections. Identity cards can be falsified, damaged, lost or stolen. Passwords can be forgotten or guessed. Access cards can be misplaced. 

In the case of Homeless individuals who desire absolute anonymity and insurance that they will not be found or traced by people they fear, finger print scans can be linked only to a patient's medical record number (MRN). It is this number which is currently used to identify patients within a given hospital, between hospitals and in pharmaceutical databases. Name, address, insurance and the like are only used as back-up checks. In terms of establishing the accurate match that is critical in medicine, a single finger print is exponentially more certain than all of the customary back-up checks combined. Likewise, it is instantaneously available. 

When linking pre-existing thumbprint scan technology to the initiation of a new record, the record instantly becomes “live” and interoperable with pharmacies and other hospitals. 


A HITRUST Certified* and HIPAA Covered Entity** serving as a Third-Party provider instantly extracts the data from the cloud, storing it in-house within the private protection of their own data servers. The Third Party provides several functions thereafter:


Manages compliance to extremely strict demands of the HITRUST certification (annual recertification is required).

Manages compliance with all HIPAA laws and regulations on a case by case basis.

Hires an auditing company to satisfy an annual audit of all compliances required of a Covered Entity – ensuring absolute privacy for every medical record.

Provides the hospital(s) with full details of every annual audit and full disclosure of any evidence of breach. (A breach, by law, must be published on a public government website. If a breach occurs, it is accompanied by multi-million dollar fines, loss of license and possible jail time for those involved.)

* HITRUST is an organization helping the Healthcare Industry comply with HIPAA regulations. It is the Healthcare Industry's annual certification assessment enforced upon all business associates and subcontractors doing business with them. This is the gold-standard certification ensuring no breach or significant changes have occurred relating to the scoped control environment accross a wide array of domains.

**HIPAA Covered Entities are defined in the HIPAA rules as (1) health plans (2) healthcare clearinghouses, and (3) healthcare providers who electronically transmit any health information in connection with transactions for which Health and Human Services has adopted standards.