T H E   P L E D G E

While it is understandable to aspire to reach large numbers of homeless and to set goals based upon the entire community of people to be affected, it is critical to think no further than one individual at a time. Care is unique to identifying each person's critical needs and trust is reached through each individual's concerns. There is wisdom in medicine that focuses upon the medical knowledge of each person and maintains the discipline to know communities will become improved as a result. 

A pledge to meet the critical care of each homeless person and to allow them to be involved in their own care-based solution is at the heart of my proposal. These are the goals that should lead the way toward progress.


Trust is not only the first step to the solution; it is also the first step any person takes in the direction of what they fear. Homelessness is filled with insecurities which include medical, social and emotional concerns.


Let there never come a time when the progress of solving issues related to medical identities comes to mean seeing the community before the individual. The individual success story of one will speak to one more and the pledge is first and always driven by Trust - homeless trusting the hospital, and healthcare workers trusting the complete / accurate record following each patient within and between hospital systems.